Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 31st Week

Crochet Baby Teether “Sunshine”

Amigurumi – Sew Open Parts to Closed Parts

Crochet Simple Baby Teether

Amigurumi – Sew Open Parts Together

Crochet Decreases for Classic C2C Pattern

Crochet Decreases for Classic C2C Pattern

Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 3rd Week

Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 1st Week

Size Chart for Blankets – Blanket Sizes

Amigurumi – Crochet Kokeshi Balthasar

Amigurumi – Crochet Kokeshi Melchior

Tinker Giant “Bascetta” Star – “Goliath”

Amigurumi – Crochet Kokeshi Caspar

Tinker Wool Balls – Christmas Baubles, Decorative Balls, Snowballs

Crochet Slippers “Agathe” – All Sizes

Amigurumi – Crochet Jesus Baby

Amigurumi – Crochet Kokeshi Josef

Tinker Classic “Bascetta” Star

Amigurumi – Crochet Kokeshi Maria

Amigurumi – Crochet Bunny Finger Puppet “Spoons”

Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Yeti “Otzla”

Crochet Hat – Beanie with Single Crochet Stitches in Spiral Rounds

Amigurumi – Crochet Santa Finger Puppet

Crochet Little Star Tea Light Holder

Ribbelmonster Advent Calendar 2016

Amigurumi – Crochet Orca Whale “Willy”

Crochet Mittens – without Thumb with Half Treble Crochet Stitches

Ribbelmonster Advent Calender 2015

Amigurumi – Crochet Party Hats

Amigurumi – Minimee Crochet Zombie “Ouka”

Amigurumi – Minimee Crochet Mouse “Lina”

Amigurumi – Crochet Strawberries

Amigurumi – Crochet Big Strawberry

Amigurumi – Crochet Medium Strawberry

Amigurumi – Minimee Crochet Bug “Blib”

Amigurumi – Tie On Small Parts

Amigurumi – Crochet Tinier Strawberry

10+ Ideas for Crocheted Mother´s Day Gifts

Amigurumi – Crochet Small Strawberry

Crochet Ribbed Headband

Crochet Snowman Hat “Frosty”

Crochet Boot Cuffs “Crown”

Crochet Simple Washcloths

Crochet Simple Hat without Increases & Decreases