Riddle Round #1

Today I like to start a little riddle round with you. You have time until Sunday 18 o´clock (CEST) to guess what that is. The first correct answer will win a little surprise.

Yesterday I noticed while crocheting that you can not see what it´s supposed to be. I think at least. This way the idea was born to do a little riddle round and if you like you can participate. Let´s see if I´m right!

Clues for Riddle Round #1

So that the guessing is not that difficult I have a few tips for you that may help your.

  1. What you can see is everything. That means there are no more parts.
  2. Of course it needs to be finished. This includes a few decorations! But even without decorations it is recognizable as such.
  3. The crochet piece fits into current time. On Sunday follows the complete pattern!
  4. The solution can be expressed in one word!


To make the riddle more fun there is of course a small reward! The winner gets a useful little thing for crafting! For this the name and address of the winner are needed!

Terms of Participation

To be fair there are of course a few small rules.

  1. Only answers as a comment below this blog post will count. In the social networks you may speculate, but the correct answer counts only here! Why? Because otherwise I´ll go crazy searching!
  2. Everyone may give as many answers as they want. However I reserve the right to disqualify participants if they senseless write down the dictionary or spam!
  3. Only answers in German or English will count.
  4. Only the exact name will count not a description!
  5. In order to win you need to leave a valid e-mail with your comment under which you can be reached. To send the prize, we need your name and address and you agree with your participation that we use your data for thus purpose.
  6. Deadline is Sunday, September the 23rd 2018 at 18:00 Uhr CEST. It counts the time when your comment was sent. Some comments need to be unlocked first. This takes a little while, but does not affect the time of the comment.
  7. The prize goes to the FIRST CORRECT answer. If there is no correct answer, the prize will be raffled among all participants.
  8. If you are under the age of majority, you must ask your parents for permission to participate.
  9. If the winner does not respond after 1 week, the prize goes to the next one.

Now I wish you a lot of fun and looking forward for your funny posts and speculations!

Vielen Dank für deinen Besuch!

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