Pixel Pattern – Lifebelt – 35×35

The pixel pattern lifebelt is a free pattern for a lifebelt as 35×55 pixel pattern. The pixel pattern is useful for many different techniques, for example as crochet count pattern, knit count pattern, as cross stitch pattern or as a pattern for tinker.


Usage: Pixel Pattern – Lifebelt – 35×35

The pixel pattern lifebelt can be used in many different ways and you can make it with many different techniques. Here is a list of possible usages, just pick one!

  • Crochet Count Pattern

  • Knit Count Pattern

    • Knit Pixel Patterns as Norway Pattern
    • Knit Pixel Patterns as Doubleface Pattern
  • Cross Stitch Pattern

    • Pixel Patterns as Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Tinker with Pixel Patterns

    • Pixel Patterns as Iron Bead Patterns
    • Pixel Patterns for Threaded Bead Coasters

Template: Pixel Pattern – Lifebelt – 35×35

The pixel pattern lifebelt shows a classic lifebelt with red cuffs and a rope. You should only change the colour of the background so that the motif remains recognizable.


Download: Pixel Pattern – Lifebelt – 35×35

To download the pixel pattern lifebelt, just click on the picture. The picture will open in full size. Then you can save or print it easily using the browser functions.

Because you will count in different directions depending on the usage, there are no numbers on the pixel pattern. But you can easily write them down at the sides, after you had printed the pixel pattern.

If you don´t know how to use the pixel pattern for the different techniques, just take a closer look at the tutorials in the usage section of the pixel pattern!

Have fun using the pixel pattern! It would be fun, if you would share a picture of your work in the comments section. This will help others to find inspirations and of course, we like to see what you have turned it into.