Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 9th Week

In the 9th Week of Crocheting a Weather Blanket, I mostly liked to …! If you have no idea what this is about, you can read it in the Pattern to Crochet a Weather Blanket.


9th Week of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

Honestly, this week, I would have liked to throw the weather blanket out the window! 😉 Here it was so bitterly cold that my muse is simply frozen off. Nothing was going to work any more, I did not get anything done this week and ravelled up more than anything else. The weather blanket was out of the question, because patience was gone. On Sunday the muse finally came back with the warmth and ideas floated around ideas in my head, so that I had no peace to crochet the blanket. Well, you only have a motivation problem until you have a time problem, which is why it has become Monday and also quite late. I apologize, please! 😉

Wetterdecke häkeln - CAL - 9 Wochen

On the weather blanket itself it was not, because white-in-white looks just stunning! Apart from that, we can now look forward to rising temperatures, so girls – um Pardon and boys – unpack the colourful yarn!

61-3Some Clouds

Projection for the Weather Blanket

Of course, it is measured and weighed again. Today it is 852g and 43cm. This makes with the new factor of 5.8 a final weight of 4942g and a length of 249cm. So far we also have enough values to make a more accurate projection. To do this, we simply calculate the average by adding all the values and then dividing by the number. This gives me a final weight of 4794g and a final length of 231cm. Even if our weather blanket is far away from being finished, there should be only a little deviation from these values. I am happy!

Wetterdecke häkeln - CAL - Zwischenstand - 9 Wochen

Crochet Weather Blanket – Development of weight and length as well as projections
Weight (in g)Length (incm)
Timeso far
valuedso far
1st Week87+8745334+4208
2nd Week183+964758+2259+5234+26
3rd Week278+954837+7912,5+3,5218-16
4th Week364+864732-10517+4,5221+3
5th Week466+1024660-7222+5220-1
6th Week562+964889+22927+5234+14
7th Week664+1024914+2532+5237+3
8th Week750+864875-3939+6254+17
9th Week852+1024942+6743+4249-5


Here comes the next hands-on-task! Write a comment describing the work on your blanket and attach a photo of your blanket! If you are not ready yet, you can do that anytime! The following questions could help you: Have you ever thought of giving up or maybe already surrendered? What tips do you have for others? If you like you can also send your projection again!

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