Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 30th Week

It´s getting hotter and hotter when crocheting the weather blanket, because summer is burning like fire. If you have no idea what this is about, you can read it in the Pattern to Crochet a Weather Blanket.


30th Week of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

In this week when crocheting the weather blanket it got hotter and hotter and the most of you where allowed to crochet pink. The Summer is sadly really burning like fire and the thunderstorms at the weekend couldn’t reduce the risk of fires. Thats why I hope you all are well, take care! Of course I also wish you nice holidays and hopefully you will get back recovered.

By the way I´m really happy to be able to show you the new status report. We renovate the living room at moment and many things needed to be put in boxes. Yes and also my data cable for the camera got in there, so I had to look up all these boxes. Of course it had been in the last one. Oh Murphy! Now I need a coke on the rocks! 😉

20832Thunder Storm
20934Thunder Storm
21029Some Clouds

Projection for the Weather Blanket

Now the weather blanket is already 2772g of weight and 163cm long. After 210 days we have a factor of 1,7 and get 4712g and 277cm for the whole weather blanket.

Crochet Weather Blanket – Development of weight and length as well as projections
Weight (in g)Length (incm)
Timeso farvaluedso far
1st week87+8745334+4208
2nd week183+964758+2259+5234+26
3rd week278+954837+7912,5+3,5218-16
4th week364+864732-10517+4,5221+3
5th week466+1024660-7222+5220-1
6th week562+964889+22927+5234+14
7th week664+1024914+2532+5237+3
8th week750+864875-3939+6254+17
9th week852+1024942+6743+4249-5
10th week944+924909-3348+5250+1
11th week1020+764794-11553+5249-1
12th week1141+1204906+11258+52490
13th week1202+614808–10263+5252+3
14th week1315+1134865+5770+7259+7
15th week1410+954935+7075+5263+7
16th week1523+1135026+9180+5264+1
17th week1611+884833-19384+4252-12
18th week1699+884927+9491+5264+12
19th week1772+734784-14397+6262-2
20th week1884+1124898+114101+4263+1
21st week1992+1084980+82108+7270+7
22nd week2105+1135052+72114+6274+4
23rd week2211+1065085+33122+8281+7
24th week2283+725022-63126+4277-4
25th week2366+834969-53130+4273-4
26th week2432+684864-105134+4268-5
27th week2522+904792-72140+6266-2
28th week2598+764936+144147+7272+6
29th week2691+934844-92155+8279+7
30th week2772+814712-132163+8277-2


Here comes the next hands-on-task! Write a comment describing the work on your blanket and attach a photo of your blanket! If you are not ready yet, you can do that anytime! The following questions could help you: Who can offer the hottest week with most pink rows? What tips do you have for others? If you like you can also send your projection!

Attention! Please use the comment function for your report, so that the project remains for posterity. In social networks, things are disappearing so fast! Of course you are allowed to add your stuff there as well. We are publishing new posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For urgent questions and personal exchange you can also find the Ribbelmonster group on Facebook!