Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 2nd Week

Now already 2 weeks of the new year are gone and our blanket is slowly growing. If you have no idea what this is about, you can read it in the Pattern to Crochet a Weather Blanket.


2nd Week of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

The height of our blanket has almost doubled with the second week and we have made 1/24 of the year. In other words, we still have to crochet 23 times more and it takes 23 times as long. Somehow I had liked the first variant better. 😉 Here is the small coverage of my weather blanket and a new projection.

As you may have noticed, the new status results are puplished now always on Monday after a new week. So I have enough time on Sunday to finish a few rows, if I did not get to it during the week. Of course you too. Currently, I can not wait to crochet the row on the appropriate day. It is still quite difficult for me to wait until Sunday, so that I can get myself also on other projects, because I have to feed the Ribbelmonster regularly.


8th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

Today, the thermometer shows only 1°C, but you the Klärchen is watching us. Klärchen we say here colloquially for sun. 😉 So it follows a white row with sun pattern. I totally like that!


9th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

At 3°C it is already warmer than yesterday and the sun is shining again. So today there is the sun pattern in white. I thought it was pretty nice to crochet the double crochet stitches in the gaps of the previous row, so that’s not all that boring. A little creative freedom will be allowed. 😉


10th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

Today, the thermometer climbs even up to 10°C and the sun shines again magnificently. There is the sun pattern again, but fortunately in blue.


11th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

Today it is only 6°C and Peter gives us a little rain. So there is the rain pattern in purple on the sun pattern. I like it too.

Wetterdecke häkeln - Garn

By the way I was also buying yarn today. I have seen that many of you have diligently bought. That’s why I can tell you now which yarn I use. Nothing special, a no-name yarn, which is called Monique – craft and needlework yarn. It is sold under a variety of labels and here you get it in Woolworth. Previously under the label Belday today with the label “made with love”. I caught some old and some new outer packaging. Of course I bought a little more to fill my stock a little bit.


12th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

Focused on the weather a real “sh*tday”. It does not get really bright, because a persistent fog takes us all day the view. The thermometer shows only 3°C and I’m glad that I do not have to go outside. I crochet the first time the fog in white and he looks really chic.


13th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

It is only 0°C and the sky is grey and cloudy. Stupid weather, white again and the overcast pattern.


14th Day of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

Even though it is still only 0°C, the sun is shining again today. So much sun in January and that where it feels like it’s always grey or raining. Did I remember that wrong? Is this an exception this year? Do I always look for outside at the wrong time? Well, whatever I crochet the sun pattern in white, I’m already have practice in it.

Wetterdecke häkeln - CAL - Zwischenstand - 2 Wochen

There they are now, 1 + 14 rows and it continues merrily. But on the whole, I am very satisfied with the result. The different patterns make it very varied and give the blanket a nice vintage look. I think with all the colourful Colours the textile rainbow will have something kind of the Sixties. I like it!


Projection for the Weather Blanket

So of course there was a body check again. The good piece now weighs 183g and has reached a height of 9cm. In the last week it was still 87g and 14cm. The many sunshine has brought me a very nice growth. Of course, I calculated that up again on the whole blanket. The factor for 14 days is 26 and therefore I now come to a weight of 4758g and a length of 234cm. This brings me a step closer to my goal. I’m curious to see what happens next week.



Here comes the next hands-on-task! Write a comment describing the work on your blanket and attach a photo of your blanket! If you are not ready yet, you can do that any time! The following questions could help you: How far have you come? Did you crochet every day or at the end of the week in one go? Are you still lagging behind? What tips do you have for others? If you like you can also send your projection again!

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