Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 21st Week

Attention! Oversized crochet weather blankets. If you have no idea what this is about, you can read it in the Pattern to Crochet a Weather Blanket.


21st Week of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

This week it was very sunny and warm all day, on the weather blanket it looks very monotonous in focus. But compared to the last week a nice contrast and you can clearly see how the gradient becomes more and more orange. Well and my magic ball has told me, that we already can get the next colour on the hooks in the coming week.

14325Some Clouds
14727Some Clouds / Unstable


Projection for the Weather Blanket

After this week my weather blanket weighs 1992g and is 108cm long. With a factor of 2.5 after 147 days this is 4980g and 270cm for the complete blanket.

Crochet Weather Blanket – Development of weight and length as well as projections
Weight (in g)Length (incm)
Timeso far
valuedso farvalued
1st week87+8745334+4208
2nd week183+964758+2259+5234+26
3rd week278+954837+7912,5+3,5218-16
4th week364+864732-10517+4,5221+3
5th week466+1024660-7222+5220-1
6th week562+964889+22927+5234+14
7th week664+1024914+2532+5237+3
8th week750+864875-3939+6254+17
9th week852+1024942+6743+4249-5
10th week944+924909-3348+5250+1
11th week1020+764794-11553+5249-1
12th week1141+1204906+11258+52490
13th week1202+614808–10263+5252+3
14th week1315+1134865+5770+7259+7
15th week1410+954935+7075+5263+7
16th week1523+1135026+9180+5264+1
17th week1611+884833-19384+4252-12
18th week1699+884927+9491+5264+12
19th week1772+734784-14397+6262-2
20th week1884+1124898+114101+4263+1
21st week1992+1084980+82108+7270+7

Attention Oversize!

Some of you have come to a much longer length in the projection, because you have crocheted with thicker yarn and bigger needles. Of course this is a problem if you want to reach a certain length, but not more. That´s why I collected some ideas for you, about how to continue the weather blanket.

  • No one dictates you how long you have to crochet a weather blanket, it can be one year, but also more or less. So you can just stop when the weather blanket has reached the wanted length. And the of course start a new weather blanket. 😉
  • A bedspread can look quite good with a wrapper at the upper end. However this should be not to big and who likes can also end up with a pretty border. So a little extra length is just right for a bedspread with a wrapper.
  • A reversible blanket is created when the oversized blanket is half folded at the end and crocheted together. Here you can also bring in a lining and whoever likes can also crochet two separate halves.
  • You can also just let the blanket get as long as it want to. This way you get a absolutely unique piece and such a oversized blanket is great to cuddle all together.
  • If you are bothered to work on such a thick blanket during the summer, you can simply start a new one. Of course it should have exactly the same width as the first and at the end you just crochet both parts together.

I hope this ideas will help you and if you also have some nice ideas for oversized blankets you are welcome to share them with us via a comment.



Here comes the next hands-on-task! Write a comment describing the work on your blanket and attach a photo of your blanket! If you are not ready yet, you can do that anytime! The following questions could help you: Who has a oversize weather blanket and how do you continue? What tips do you have for others? If you like you can also send your projection!

Attention! Please use the comment function for your report, so that the project remains for posterity. In social networks, things are disappearing so fast! Of course you are allowed to add your stuff there as well. We are publishing new posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For urgent questions and personal exchange you can also find the Ribbelmonster group on Facebook!