Crochet Weather Blanket – CAL – 11th Week

Can you crochet cold? Of course, because the weather blanket crochet was also this week steeply downhill. If you have no idea what this is about, you can read it in the Pattern to Crochet a Weather Blanket.

11th Week of Crocheting a Weather Blanket

In the first days of the week we still had hope that the Russian cold will pass us by. But then it went downhill rapidly and here raged the snow chaos. Whether he should put on the summer tires, the houseman asked me last week. How good that I have insisted on the German proverb from O to O, which means to have winter tires on your car from October to Easter!

Well you already know that I’m not a fan of the cold temperatures, but the snow pattern compensated me. While the new colours last week felt a little strange, I think they fit in wonderfully with the new rows. You can already feel the change and I think the colour gradient towards spring will look wonderful.

Day Temperature Weather
71 11 Rain
72 12 Overcast
73 6 Overcast
74 9 Some Clouds
75 4 Snow
76 -4 Snow
77 -2 Overcast

Projection for the Weather Blanket

After this week, my blanket has grown to a length of 53cm and weighs 1024g. So it has cracked the 1kg mark and is even bigger than half a meter. Well, the little ones are growing so fast! 😉 The factor for this week is 4.7 and thus a final length of 249cm and a final weight of 4794g is expected. As you can see, everything is in the green zone and there are only minor fluctuations.

Crochet Weather Blanket – Development of weight and length as well as projections
Weight (in g) Length (incm)
Time so far
valued so far
1st Week 87 +87 4533 4 +4 208
2nd Week 183 +96 4758 +225 9 +5 234 +26
3rd Week 278 +95 4837 +79 12,5 +3,5 218 -16
4th Week 364 +86 4732 -105 17 +4,5 221 +3
5th Week 466 +102 4660 -72 22 +5 220 -1
6th Week 562 +96 4889 +229 27 +5 234 +14
7th Week 664 +102 4914 +25 32 +5 237 +3
8th Week 750 +86 4875 -39 39 +6 254 +17
9th Week 852 +102 4942 +67 43 +4 249 -5
10th Week 944 +92 4909 -33 48 +5 250 +1
11th Week 1020 +76 4794 -115 53 +5 249 -1


Here comes the next hands-on-task! Write a comment describing the work on your blanket and attach a photo of your blanket! If you are not ready yet, you can do that anytime! The following questions could help you: Which weather cover is the heaviest and longest? What tips do you have for others? If you like you can also send your projection again!

Attention! Please use the comment function for your report, so that the project remains for posterity. In social networks, things are disappearing so fast! Of course you are allowed to add your stuff there as well. We are publishing new posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For urgent questions and personal exchange you can also find the Ribbelmonster group on Facebook!

Ich hoffe es hat dir Spaß gemacht!

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