Crochet Easter Eggs

How to crochet Easter eggs I´ll show you in this pattern. You can crochet the Easter eggs with only one colour, striped or patterned. Also you can embroider your finished eggs and decorate them with beads. Crocheted Easter Eggs are a nice decoration but also a nice gift for Easter.


Knowledge: Crochet Easter Eggs


Supplies: Crochet Easter Eggs


Size: Crochet Easter Eggs

Here you find the size specifications for the crocheted easter eggs.

Needle SizeYarnHeight
3,5 mm (shown example)85m / 50g, 100% Cotton?cm

Crochet Pattern: Crochet Easter Eggs

gemusterte Ostereier häkelnYou can crochet the Easter eggs in spiral rounds or circle rounds. For striped Easter eggs I recommend you to crochet in circle rounds, so there will be no transitions on colour change. We crochet the Easter eggs from top down in rounds.

Ostereier häkeln



Crochet Dotted Easter Eggs

gepunktete Ostereier häkelnFor a dotted Ester egg just crochet an egg in one colour and decorate it with beads.


Crochet Striped Easter Eggs

gestreifte Ostereier häkelnYou can make striped crochet eggs by changing the yarn colour every or every second row.


Crochet Patterned Easter Eggs

norweger Ostereier häkelnIf you like you can also crochet patterned easter eggs. I made here a simple Norway pattern. Because there are no increases or decreases from row 9 to 12, you can easily make patterns there.