Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

In this free Amigurumi pattern I´ll show you how to crochet an Amigurumi sun. The crochet sun is a great toy, but can also be used as a hanger or for a mobile.

Knowledge: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

Supplies: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

Size: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

Here you find the size specifications for the crochet sun.

Needle Size Yarn Diameter
2,5 mm (shown example) 125m / 50g, 100% Cotton 12 cm

Pattern: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

For the Amigurumi sun we crochet first two parts for the center. Then we crochet a border around the center, while crocheting both parts together. If you like you can give your Amigurumi sun also a face and of course the crochet sun also will be filled and stuffed.

Crochet Sun Center (2x)

The center for the sun we crochet twice from inside out in spiral rounds with single crochet stitches (US!).

Crochet Sun Border

Now we also like to crochet a border around the sun, which has the shape of sun rays. While doing this we also crochet both parts together and the sun will also be filled.

You start at any place and stitch always into both loops of the front and the back part.

Repeat the sun rays until you reach the end of the round and remain stitching always into bothe loops of the front and the back side.

Shortly before you finish the round the sun will be filled and stuffed completely.


Then you just remain crocheting until the border is complete.

Finish Amigurumi Sun

This way your crocheted Amigurumi sun is already finished. If you like you can embroider a mouth with black darning yarn and paint some cheeks with rose acrylic paint.

I hope you had fun. And of course I wish you will have always some sunny weather!

Saturday, 28. April 2018, 19:28 Uhr - FP4Lisa - © Ribbelmonster -

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