Slenana Crochet Dress “Miranda”

In this pattern I´ll show you, how to crochet a dress for your Slenana Amigurumis. The dress “Miranda” is crocheted easily and fits all dolls and animals of the Slenana series.


Knowledge: Slenana Crochet Dress “Miranda”


Supplies: Slenana Crochet Dress “Miranda”

Note: In order to get the dress fit well, you should crochet it with a comparable yarn size and needle size, with which you also crocheted the Slenana Amigurumi.


Pattern: Slenana Crochet Dress “Miranda”

Slenana Kleid häkeln - Miranda - kostenlose HäkelanleitungWe crochet the dress from top to bottom with different kinds of stitches. There we start in rounds and then we crochet in rows for the bottom part. While the upper part is crocheted with a simple pattern of double crochet stitches in rows, we crochet the beautiful Ivi pattern with relief stitches for the bottom part.


Finish the Slenana Dress

Slenana Kleid häkeln - Miranda - kostenlose AnleitungSo that the dress can also be dressed comfortably, it has bottons facing on the side. The bottom loops are created by this many lifting-chain stitches in some rows.

Slenana Kleid häkeln - Miranda - gratis AnleitungAll you have to do is sew bottons on the other side of the button placket. First you need to try out if the buttons just fit the button loops. Then you sew the buttons to the other side and secure the threads inside.

This way your dress for the Amigurumi Slenana series is already finished. I hope you enjoyed it and wish you a lot of fun with it!

Slenana Kleid häkeln - Miranda - gratis Häkelanleitung