Crochet Small Heart Pillow “Darling”

With this free crochet pattern I´ll show you how to crochetsmall heart pillow. The crochet heart pillow will be worked in rows and has a nice shape. It´s a perfect present for valentines day, mothers day or marriage and can be used as decoration, pillow or ring pillow.


Knowledge: Crochet Small Heart Pillow “Darling”


Supplies: Crochet Small Heart Pillow “Darling”

  • Crochet Yarn:
    • Colors: red
    • Size: ca. 80m / 50g
    • Example: Kurtenbach Twister Curly
  • Crochet Hook:

Size: Crochet Small Heart Pillow “Darling”

Here you find the size specifications for the crocheted heart pillow.

Needle SizeYarnWidthHeight
3,5 mm (shown example)80m / 50g, 100% Cotton20cm15cm

Pattern: Crochet Small Heart Pillow “Darling”

For the small heart pillow we crochet first two hearts as front and back. Then we crochet around both parts with single crochet stitches (US!). Before you finished we fill the heart pillow and if you like you can crochet also a decorative border after that or attach bands for rings.


Crochet Front and Back for the Heart Pillow

Kleines Herzkissen häkeln - Darling - kostenlose AnleitungFirst we crochet  two simple flat hearts for the heart pillow. Just follow the pattern “Crochet Small Heart”, but miss out the border.

Make sure to work as evenly and exactly as possible according to the pattern, because both parts have to be identical. Only this way you can put them later together to get a heart pillow. I recommend you to work both parts with only one colour and in the same colour, otherwise ugly transitions can occur at the border.


Crochet Border Around the Heart Pillow

When you finished both parts you can put the on each other. Make sure that both are on the same side and start at the corner. I recommend you to use the same yarn colour for the border as for both parts, because everything else does not look great. If you like to have a decorative border in a different colour, you can crochet it around this border at the end. This will look cleaner.

Kleines Herzkissen häkeln - Darling - gratis AnleitungNow we will crochet around both parts at the same time, that means you will always stitch through the same stitch of the front and back. Start at the corner with 1 slip stitches and 1 lifting-chain stitches.

Kleines Herzkissen häkeln - Darling - kostenlose HäkelanleitungNow always crochet single crochet stitches (US!) around the edge. Always work exactly one single crochet stitch (US!) between the rows and into the stitches on top.


Fill Small Heart Pillow

Kleines Herzkissen häkeln - Darling - Anleitung - HäkelanleitungWhen you´re nearly once around the heart should get filled and stuffed. Attend to apply enough filling to get a nice shape. Until you are ready just push the filling a little bit back, so you don´t crochet filling into the border.

Continue crocheting until you are 3 stitches away from the corner. Now you should check the filling. Knead it a little, so you can feel if there is missing some filling. Mostly a little bit filling must be add to the corner. Once you are done you can crochet to the end.

Kleines Herzkissen häkeln - Darling - gratis HäkelanleitungWhen you reached the tip of the corner crochet one more single crochet stitch (US!) followed by 1 slip stitches into the beginning of the round. Then you can secure and weave in the thread ends inside the pillow.


Make the Small Heart Pillow a Ring Pillow

To make the heart pillow a ring pillow just thread two bands into the stitches in the middle of the front side. With this band the rings can be bound on the pillow. This way the heart pillow is also a eye catcher on every marriage and of course a wonderful memorabilia for the newlyweds.

I hope you had fun and you will visit the Ribbelmonster soon again!