Crochet Small Heart “Darling”

How to crochet a small heart I´ll show you in this free crochet pattern. The crocheted heart “Darling” is crocheted in rows and has a nice shape. It´s perfect as a present for valentines day, mothers day or marriage and can be used as a patch, coaster or doily.


Knowledge: Crochet Small Heart “Darling”


Supplies: Crochet Small Heart “Darling”


Size: Crochet Small Heart “Darling”

Here you find the size specifications for the crochet heart.

Needle SizeYarnWidthHeight
3,5 mm (shown example)80m / 50g, 100% Cotton20cm15cm

Pattern: Crochet Small Heart “Darling”

Kleines Herz häkeln - Darling - gratis AnleitungWe crochet the small heart from bottom up in rows with single crochet stitches (US!).


Crochet Small Heart Body

Kleines Herz häkeln - Darling - Anleitung - HäkelanleitungFirst we like to crochet the body for the small heart. We start at the lower corner and work to the top.


Crochet Small Heart Right Bonnet

Kleines Herz häkeln - Darling - gratis HäkelanleitungNext we crochet the right bonnet on top of the heart. We continue working in rows, but only over one half.


Crochet Small Heart Left Bonnet

Kleines Herz häkeln - Darling - kostenlose AnleitungNow we crochet the second bonnet and start in the middle of the heart. There for the right bonnet is on the right side and we stitch in at the left next to the right bonnet. Now we start with a slip stitch and a chain stitch in the first stitch and crochet also the fist single crochet stitch (US!) into this stitch.


Crochet Border Around Small Heart

Kleines Herz häkeln - Darling - kostenlose HäkelanleitungAt the end you also can crochet a border around the small heart. Start with a slip stitch and a chain stitch at the lower corner. Then you crochet single crochet stitches (US!) once around the edge, while you crochet exactly one stitch into the each space between the rows and into the stitches at the upper edge. When you have reached the lower corner again, you crochet one more single crochet stitch (US!) and close the row with a slip stitch into the beginning. After that all threads are secured and weaved in.

Kleines Herz häkeln - Darling - kostenlose Häkelanleitung - gratis Anleitung

Finished is your crocheted heart “Darling” and you can make a loved one happy. I hope you enjoyed it!