Crochet Chain Stitches

To crochet chain stitches is one of the most important basic skills of crocheting, because most crochet pieces start with a foundation chain. Also new rows start often with turning chains or lifting chains. Without crocheted chain stitches also filet or lace patterns would be impossible.


What is a chain stitch?

A chain stitch is really just a simple loop through the last stitch. Crocheting one chain stitch after the other you get a foundation chain, which looks a little bit like a braid, because one loop holds the other.

Tip: If you just start to crochet, you’re right here, because with chain stitches everything begins. With our simple patterns you can learn the basic crochet stitches step by step.

Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Crochet Chain Stitches




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Crochet tutorial: Crochet Chain Stitches

In this simple crochet tutorial we will learn to crochet chain stitches step by step.


Hold the Crochet Hook & Yarn

Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Hold Crochet Hook and Yarn - PreparationFirst it´s important to hold your crochet hook and yarn the right way. The thread is wrapped twice around your left index finger. The short end of the thread you are holding between the finger tips of your thumb and middle finger. The long tail of the thread, which ends up with the yarn ball, is lying in the palm and fixed with your ring finger and little finger. In the right hand you are holding the crochet hook, like a pen or a knife, the hook showing upwards.


The first Loop to Crochet Chain Stitches

Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Preparation - make a first loop - slip knotBefore you are able to crochet your first chain stitch, you need a first loop, the so called slip knot. You can find here an detailed tutorial about how to make a slip knot with the crochet hook.



Crochet the first Chain Stitch

Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Crochet Chain Stitches - 1Always hold your crochet piece just below the crochet hook with your thumb and middle finger of the left hand. For the first chain stitch you draw the thread and pull it trough the loop on the needle.


Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Crochet Chain Stitches - 2Always remember to turn the hook a little bit down before you draw the thread through the loop. With this trick the thread does not slip off the hook, while you draw it through the loop. At the beginning this is a little bit tricky, but practice makes perfect.


Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Crochet Chain Stitches - 3Your first chain stitch is finished. Now you always pull the thread the same way with your hook through the loop on the needle. So with every loop you draw, a new chain stitch will be lined up in the row, which looks like a braid.


Crochet the first Foundation Chain

A foundation chain a little bit looks like a braid and that is what a lot of crochet pieces start with. Because except the first loop chain stitches don´t need any other kind of stitches, to crochet them on top.

Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Crochet Chain Stitches


Please do not throw your crochet hook out of the window, if your first line of chain stitches does not look absolutely uniform. At the beginning it is quite normal, that one loop is a little bit larger than the other and an other is a little bit to small. My first time I even managed it to make such tiny stitches, that I was not able to pull the needle through them again. Be patient with yourself and take some exercise making lines of chain stitches. Have fun!

Learn to crochet - Tutorial - Crochet Chain Stitches - Foundation Chain

Tip: If you are ready for some more, you can go on and learn the basic crochet stitches.