Amigurumi – Slenana Series – Crochet Legs Together

In this pattern I´ll show you how to crochet the legs together for the amigurumis of the Slenana series. Following this simple step für step tutorial you are able to crochet stiff but also bend legs, to get your amigurumi seated.


Tutorial: Amigurumi – Slenana Series – Crochet Legs Together

First the needle should be in the middle on the inner side at the second leg. Normally this is the case right after you have finished the legs, if not you can continue to crochet with slip stitches to get to right place.

You´ll start now with 3 chain stitches and one slip stitch into the stitch on the middle at the inner side of the other leg. Pay close attention to the fact that the foot tips of both legs look forward or a little to the outer, but never to the inner side.

The slip stitch is already the first stitch of the first round of the body. Now crochet 17 single crochet stitches once arround the first leg to end up with 18 stitches.

Next crochet always one single crochet stitch into each of the 3 chain stitches between the legs.

Now also crochet with single crochet stitches once around the second leg. You also should end up with 18 stitches and reach the chain stitches between both legs.

Then you also crochet one single crochet stitch into the 3 chain stitches between the legs on the other side.

This way you already finished the first round of the body and the legs are connected.

The first stitch of the following round is very close to the last stitch, that´s why it is a little bit hard to see it. Make sure not to miss it.

At the beginning this connection looks a little bit strange. But this will get better with each round you are crocheting for the body.


Straight stiff legs

You can leave the legs like that to get stiff legs, as shown in the picture. You can also make slightly bent legs, as shown in the picture on the left side. Then the legs will have a fold and your amigurumi can be seated.


Bend movable legs

For bend legs, a fold is sewn on both sides. Before filling the body, take a new piece of yarn with the colour of the body. Now start in the middle in the row of the chain stitches. Thread the yarn into a needle and stitch around the stitches until you arrive the outer side of the leg.

Then work your way back to the middle in the same way. The thread ends are pulled inside and secured there. Then you can do the same with the other leg. The result is a stable edge on which the legs can be folded.

I hope you enjoy crocheting, now you can continue as usual in the original pattern for your Slenana amigurumi!