Amigurumi – Sew Open Parts Together

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to sew open parts together when crocheting amigurumis. This technique creates a strong and stable connection, but it´s not movable.


When can you sew open parts together?

To be able to sew open parts together, certain conditions must be met for the technique to work. Most commonly, this technique is used to sew together a body crocheted from the bottom up and a head crocheted from the top down.

  • parts need to have an opening
  • opening of both parts must be the same size
  • at least one part needs to have a long thread end
  • stable and firm connection, but not movable
  • suitable as a toy for small children

Of course, in order to be able to sew two open parts together, both parts must have an opening. In addition, the opening of both parts must be the same size, so the last rounds must have the same number of stitches, the kind of stitches does not matter. At least one part must have a long thread end, which you can use to sew both together.

This technique creates a relatively firm and stable connection, that´s why it is very suitable for toys for small children. The parts can not be turned off and if you work properly the connection cant be broken again. However, this technique has the disadvantage that the connection becomes relatively immobile.


Tutorial: Amigurumi – Sew Open Parts Together

Before you can sew both pieces together, they must be finished and filled. Then you can put the finished parts together as they should be sewn together. Both openings should be the same size and one side should have a long thread end.

Amigurumi - Offene Teile aneinander nähen - AnleitungFirst find the right position of the parts and mark a point on both parts with pins, which should match exactly after sewing. If the head and body are sewn together, it is recommended to mark the middle on the front of them.

Amigurumi - Offenen Kopf an offenen Körper nähen - AnleitungOn the head you can orient yourself at the middle of the eyes for example. For the body you can mark a mid line oriented to the legs, lower middle or navel, if existing.

But there are also parts where it does not really matter how they are sewn together. Of course, in this case it is much easier and you can do without markers.

Then you thread the long thread end of one part into a wool needle and begin to sew the parts together around. You basically start at the end of the thread, wherever it originates in the round.

Amigurumi - Teile zusammen nähen - AnleitungHere comes the end of the thread on the body right of the mark, which I therefore call the first part. You start now with a horizontal stitch from right to left through two stitches on the edge of the second part, here on the head.

The exit point on the first part and the entry point on the second part must be exactly above each other, so that both markings are exactly matching each other. With the stitch to the left you slip on one place.

Amigurumi - Teile aneinander nähen - AnleitungNow you cross horizontally from left to right through two stitches of the first part, here on the body. That’s the whole secret and you just continue this technique until the end of the round. Sometimes, by the way, it’s necessary to do a little filling just before you’re around to get a nice and powerful transition.

Once you’re around you’ll be working a second round the same way. After the second round, the thread end is secured and weaved in. You can do this by using the shorter end of the second part and then pulling the knot inward as I showed you when closing amigurumis.

Amigurumi - Offenen Körper an offenen Kopf nähen - AnleitungIf you have done right, a stable and clean connection has been created. Here head and body were sewn together.

I hope sewing together amigurumis is now much easier and of course I’m looking forward to your next visit!