Amigurumi – Crochet Rabbit “Ono”

This sweet Amigurumi Rabbit we crochet easily with this free pattern. Ono is a bright crochet rabbit who prefers dozing all day in colourful flower fields.


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Size: Amigurumi – Crochet Rabbit “Ono”

Here you find the size specifications for the Amigurumi Rabbit Ono without ears.

Needle SizeYarn
2,5 mm (shown example)125m / 50g, 100% Cotton12cm15,5cm

Crochet Pattern: Amigurumi – Crochet Rabbit “Ono”

For the sweet Amigurumi Rabbit we first crochet the head and body, and then the arms, legs, snout, tail and ears. After all the parts are sewn together, modelled some parts and embroidery applied.

But even if that sounds now very complicated, it is not too difficult. Just follow all descriptions and pictures! In case you really don’t know how to go on, you can get help via the comments at any time.


Crochet Rabbit Head (1x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - kostenlose HäkelanleitungThe head of the rabbit we crochet from top down in spiral rounds with only double crochet stitches. Thereby the head is properly filled and stuffed. The remaining thread end is needed later to attach the head to the body.


Crochet Rabbit Body (1x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - Häkelanleitung - kostenlose AnleitungThe body of the rabbit we crochet from bottom up with only single crochet stitches in spiral rounds. Head and body are sewn together later with the openings facing to each other.


Crochet Rabbit Ears (2x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - kostenlose Häkelanleitung - AnleitungNext we want to crochet ears for the rabbit. We also crochet the ears from top to bottom in spiral rounds. However, the ears are not filled, so that we can sew them later folded flat with the thread ends to the head.


Crochet Rabbit Snout (1x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - Anleitung - HäkelanleitungThe snout of the rabbit we crochet from inside to outside in spiral rounds with only double crochet stitches. The snout is sewn later with the thread end around the opening to the head and filled.


Crochet Rabbit Tail (1x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - kostenlose Anleitung - HäkelanleitungThe tail for the rabbit we crochet from the pointed end to the approach in spiral rounds with only  single crochet stitches. The tail is not filled too firmly, so it wont look like a ball. Later we sew the tail with the thread end to the back.


Crochet Rabbit Arms (2x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - Häkelanleitung kostenlosThe arms for the rabbit we crochet from the fingertips to the shoulders in spiral rounds with just single crochet stitches. In the front part we only put a little less filling, so we will get a nice hand palm.


Crochet Rabbit Legs (2x)

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - kostenlose AnleitungThe legs for the rabbit we crochet from the toe tips upwards in spiral rounds with only single crochet stitches. Thereby the feet are filled firmly, while the legs are filled loose, to they will be movable later.


Finish Rabbit

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - Häkelanleitung - AnleitungAfter you have finished crocheting, the puzzle can be completed. Before you start you should necessarily put all the parts of the crocheted rabbit together with pins to find the right positions. So sewing them together will be easy and you can still make corrections.

First, we sew together the head and body with the openings facing to each other. Here you are using the long thread end from the top and work your way around to the two openings. If you´ve never done that before, the tutorial about sewing open parts together may help.

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - HäkelanleitungNow you can sew around the snout with the thread end. It is very helpful, when it was first pinned with pins and removing them one by one. Just before you are all around the snout will get well filled and stuffed.

The ears can be sewn on the top of the head. They wont be filled, just folded flat. The open side is sitting thereby on the left and the right to the centre of the head. Both ears are seen from above in a line parallel to the eyes.

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - gehäkelter OsterhaseNext you can sew the arms next under the head. Either horizontally folded flat or movable with thread joints, like described in the Tutorial for Thread Joints.

The legs will be folded horizontally and sewn to the middle of the bottom in one line.

Now the tail is sewn to the middle of the back. Therefore you fold the open end flat and sew it horizontally around the 6th round. The tail is a counterweight to sit, so the place should be chosen wise.

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - AnleitungFinally the eyebrows will be embroidered with black embroidery thread or Darning Yarn. They are placed over the 7th and 8th round over the eyes and the inner side shows obliquely upwards.

The nose you embroider with dark green embroidery thread or darning thread centrally above the snout. It is sufficient to make many horizontal stitches over several stitches until the nose has the desired volume.

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - Anleitung kostenlosAfter that you pull inward the navel with yarn colour. Here you stitch horizontally around two stitches on the front at the appropriate location and draw this around two stitches on the back underneath the tail.

Thereafter the feet are tied on the pointed end with 3 constrictions into 4 parts. It is easy if you start in the middle, so that the parts get the same size.

Now your Teddy is already finished! I hope you enjoyed it and look forward for your next visit!

Amigurumi - Hasen häkeln - Ono - Anleitung - kostenlose Häkelanleitung