Amigurumi – Crochet Heart “Sweet heart”

So easy you can crochet a little heart, as decoration, pendant, gift or flower spit. In this pattern I show you step by step how a crocheted heart is created and how you can make it in different sizes.


Knowledge: Amigurumi – Crochet Heart “Sweet heart”


Supplies: Amigurumi – Crochet Heart “Sweet heart”


Crochet pattern: Amigurumi – Crochet Heart “Sweet heart”

The amigurumi heart we crochet continuously in spiral rounds with double crochet stitches, while we start from the top. At the bottom of the page you can find even more informations to crochet the heart in other sizes.


Crochet Heart Bonnets (2x)

Amigurumi - Crochet Heart - Crochet PatternYou start your heart crocheting two bonnets, you cut the yarn of the first, but not of the second.

  • grey:
  • 1st round: cast on magic ring with 6 double crochet stitches = 6 stitches
  • 2nd round: double every stitch (increase) = 12 stitches
  • 3rd round: each stitch one stitch (don´t in- or decrease) = 12 stitches
  • first bonnet: cut the yarn generous, pull off the loop
  • second bonnet: DON`T cut the thread, continue with the body

Crochet Heart Body (1x)

Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi HeartNow both bonnets are crocheted together. At both bonnets the beautiful side shows upwards. You crochet now not as usually around the second bonnet, but start at the first bonnet directly into the first stitch of the next round.


Crochet Heart - Pattern - AmigurumiYou crochet around the first bonnet until the last stitch of the round and then you go on on the other side of the second bonnet. Keep attention nothing turns around and leave no stitch empty. Now also the second bonnet is crocheted to the end and once your round is finished, a marker thread is inserted again.

Crochet Heart - Amigurum - Crochet PatternThis round already counts as 4th round. It can sometimes happen, that there are suddenly one or two stitches too much. Then you crochet easy to the end of the round, you now have only one or two stitches more each round. There is also no reason to despair, if your heart still looks like a waved elephants bum, it still forms itself.

  • 4th and 5th round: each stitch one stitch (don´t in- or decrease) = 24 stitches


Crochet Heart - Crochet Pattern - AmigurumiNow close the remaining gap in the middle with the yarn end of the other bonnet, which you left extra longer and safe this yarn end. The you can already start with the decreases for the peak of the heart.

  • 6th round: crochet together every 7th and 8th stitch (decrease) = 21 stitches
  • 7th round: crochet together every 6th and 7th stitch (decrease) = 18 stitches
  • 8th round: crochet together every 5th and 6th stitch (decrease) = 15 stitches
  • 9th round: crochet together every 4th and 5th stitch (decrease) = 12 stitches

Crchet Pattern - Crocheted Heart - AmigurumiNow it is time to start with the filling. Its important to fill only piece by piece and form both bumps nicely fixed, so that the heart gets a great figure later. The heart should be almost completely filled now.

Amigurumi - Crochet Heart - Sweet Heart - Pattern


Crochet heart in other sizes

The easiest way to make your heart bigger is, of course, to use a thicker yarn with a bigger hook size. If you dare, you can also adjust the stitches as shown, even to crochet a heart pillow.

  • Bonnet:
    • cast on magic ring with 6 double crochet stitches
    • any number of rounds with 6 increases each round
    • crochet half as many rounds as increase rounds each stitch one stitch
  • Body:
    • as many rounds as increase rounds each stitch one stitch, crochet together both bonnets in the first round, leave no stitch empty
    • crochet together (decrease) 3 times 2 stitches, until only 6 stitches remain in the round, fill it during this
    • cut the yarn generous, pull off the loop, close the remaining opening, secure and wave in the thread ends