Amigurumi – Crochet Bunny “Fips”

This little crochet bunny is done with our crochet pattern in some easy steps. Fips is a sweet Amigurumi bunny, which you can crochet as easter bunny or as plush toy.


Knowledge: Amigurumi – Crochet Bunny “Fips”


Supplies: Amigurumi – Crochet Bunny “Fips”


Size: Amigurumi – Crochet Bunny “Fips”

Here you find the size specifications for the Amigurumi Bunny Fips.

Needle SizeYarn
2,5 mm (shown example)125m / 50g, 100% Cotton9cm11,5cm
Häkelnadel 3,5 mm85m / 50g, 100% Cotton11,5cm16cm

Crochet Pattern: Amigurumi – Crochet Bunny “Fips”

The little Amigurumi bunny we crochet from top to buttom in spiral rounds. First we crochet head and body of bunny fips. Then follow arms, legs and some bunny ears. At the end all parts will be put together and a nose embroidered.

Amigurumi Häschen häkeln Fips Anleitung



Crochet Bunny Head (1x)

Häkelanleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkeln AnleitungFirst we crochet the head for the Amigurumi bunny from top to bottom in spiral rounds. Remember to attach the safety eyes at the right moment, if you like to use some. Until you finished the head, you continue instantly with the body.


Crochet Bunny Body (1x)

Anleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkeln FipsWhen you finished to crochet the head, we can continue crocheting the body of the bunny. Therefor you don´t cut the yarn, instead continue crocheting, because both parts are worked in one piece. Pay attention to fill the head and also the body as well, so the bunny won´t let hang down its head.



Crochet Bunny Legs (2x)

Häkelanleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkelnNow we will crochet some legs for the bunny. Work therefor 2 times from buttom to top in spiral rounds. Only the feet will be filled and the legs leave empty. If you are using very thick yarn, filling the legs also can be indicated.


Crochet Bunny Arms (2x)

Anleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkelnThe arms will also be crocheted from bottom to top in spiral rounds. And there is also no need to fill the arms, because they are very thin. But if you are using thicker yarn filling could be necessary.


Crochet Bunny Ears (2x)

Amigurumi Häschen häkeln HäkelanleitungAt last we crochet the bunny ears, exactly two of them from top to bottom in spiral rounds. The ears also wont be filled, instead fold the flat.


Finish Amigurumi Crochet Bunny

Häkelanleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkeln Fips AnleitungAt the end we need to join all parts together. If you are not sure, you can put together the pieces with pins or marker threads before sewing. This way you can check the correct position first and sewing will be easier.

Amigurumi Häschen Häkeln Fips HäkelanleitungFirst search for the center between both eyes and embroider the nose at this point. Use grey or black embroidery thread or darning yarn and make first a long horizontal line between two stitches, until the nose is big enough. At last draw also one stitch from the center of the nose to the chin. After that both thread ends are secured and waved in inside the head.

Häkelanleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkeln FipsNext sew the ears on top of the hat with their thread ends. The ears are fold flat and then sew on top of the head with the straight side.

Anleitung Häkelanleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkelnViewed from top the ears sit nearly in a line in the middle and viewed from the front each one in the mittle of the rounded sides of the head. This way they are standing on top of the head and not at the sides.

Anleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkeln Fips HäkelanleitungNow you can sew on the arms to the sides of the body near down to the head. To get movable arms you can use the method for thread joints. Just take a look at the tutorial, because it´s really simple.

Anleitung Häkelanleitung Amigurumi Häschen häkeln FipsAt last both legs will be folded flat at the open end and sewn to the body horizontal to the 28th round. Pay attention that the feet point upwards and slightly to the Outsides. The space between both legs should be as well as possible centered to the nose.

So I may congratulate for the finished crocheted bunny fips!

Amigurumi Häschen häkeln Fips Anleitung Häkelanleitung



Crochet Accessoires for Bunny Fips

Amigurumi Körbchen häkeln AnleitungI you like, you can also crochet tiniest carrot for your bunny and attach it with some yarn, velcro or a button to the hand. The small basket is also crocheted very easy and can be filled with all these little things. Following the Pattern for tinier easter eggs you can crochet a small white egg for the basket.


Timelaps: Crochet Fips

Bjørn made a great video showing the creation of Fips in timelaps. It has become very great and you will also like watching it. Have fun with it!